Access control

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Access control

Immoveille offers technological solutions to regulate access to buildings, offices or sites. All the secure access control solutions that are offered are designed to prevent unwanted intrusions and allow real-time remote monitoring of the site.

Access control systems to control the right of employees and visitors to access premises, buildings and rooms in order to prevent the intrusion of unidentified persons, are accessible to individuals or companies. Easy to install, access control requires, among other things, the installation of security badges supported by a set of badges, devices with associated readers, and controlled by software accessible to all. The purpose of this system is to specifically control the flow of people and access to the area.

Our access control solutions

Our design offices and our partners offer you solutions adapted to your needs for optimizing visitor flows and mobility management after having studied the constraints linked to protected sites and user management.

These solutions are adapted to your objectives and allow you to control schedules, manage solutions from your smartphone or tablet, know the status of the system remotely, and perform remote openings.


Solutions offered by Immoveille


You can control access to the establishment by installing a digicode at the entrance to a company or one of its departments, a building, a house, etc. The digicode is an electronic solution which triggers the opening of the door if the access code entered is correct. Therefore, anyone with this code can open the code-protected door.


With the intercom installed, you can safely access your location through your phone connected to a network. Intercoms equipped with loudspeakers allow rapid communication and management of access to the building. The opening of the access door is triggered remotely using an electronic device. Therefore, the visitor is identified by the recipient of the communication before entering.


A videophone is an intercom with an integrated camera and can be installed to manage and control the entrance to a room or building. The recipient of the communication can thus visually identify who wishes to visit the site.

Badge / card reader

Badge readers or card readers allow you to limit and control access to a room, an office or any other room, using a card reading system. This individual access system is very popular with companies. Reading the RFID chip unlocks the door. In addition to managing user access, it also offers the possibility to manage flows in a detailed and individual way. In particular, people who have entered the building are recorded as well as their entry and exit times.

License plate reader

License plate readers allow you to manage and control access to parking lots and buildings. A camera installed at the door scans the license plate of the approaching vehicle. This system can scan the license plates of all types of vehicles, including cars, buses and trucks, and collect the information contained on the license plates.

Biometric reader

By installing a biometric reader at the entrance to a building or room, you can control fingerprint access. The door will only open if the security system recognizes and confirms the visitor’s biometric data.


Installing an effective locking system on the door ensures that entry into buildings, apartments and buildings is restricted. The door will only open if the visitor has the key.


Home automation is a centralized management system for securing access to buildings and homes. The opening and closing of specific access points can be controlled remotely using any smartphone or tablet.

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