Fire Safety Officer

A complete caretaking service, surveillance and protection of property and people

Fire Safety Officer

The fire safety officer specializes in the field of fire protection. He works in skyscrapers and places frequented by the general public, which are subject to important safety regulations. Its mission is based on prevention by making rounds to ensure the proper functioning of fire alarm systems and emergency devices (such as fire extinguishers). Fire safety officers must be trained with SSIAP 1, 2 or 3 certification to be able to intervene in fire situations.

SSIAP (Fire Safety Assistance to Persons) qualified security personnel usually provide fire prevention, protection and intervention services. They are assigned to the ERP or IGH sites. They come to the aid of populations by intervening in the first emergency in the event of a fire and they also carry out installation checks, safety visits and manage fire alarms.

Security personnel are also responsible for identifying material problems, as well as securing the site with the emergency services (firefighters, SAMU, police, etc.) and in particular blocking access to the building. The agents are trained in first aid such as discomfort for example and in firefighting. They will thus put into practice their knowledge and skills acquired during the training.

The duties of the fire safety officer

The missions of the SSIAP agent are victim assistance, calling and receiving emergency public services, computer monitoring, safety visit and work supervision, reading and operation of the fire protection system warning sign SSI, application of fire protection instructions, maintenance and inspection of equipment and devices such as smoke detectors.

Fire protection officers are responsible for preventing fires and assisting by appropriate means listed companies requiring the intervention of external emergency services. According to the regulations in force, ERPs (Public Establishments) and IGHs (High-Rise Buildings) are required to consult qualified fire protection personnel SSIAP (Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Service). Their job is to monitor and secure these facilities and buildings.

There are three training courses: SSIAP1 (Fire safety agent), SSIAP2 (Fire safety team leader), SSIAP3 (Fire safety service manager)

Why use immoveille?

The Immoveille fire protection officer intervenes in high-rise buildings in accordance with the High-rise Housing Regulations and the regulations governing establishments open to the public. In particular, in order to perform tasks requiring a complete or partial shutdown of the ISS, the establishments concerned can be of different types: industrial land, shopping center, skyscraper, retirement home, private room, and gymnasium.

The SSIAP safety team oversees evacuation drills and fire protection rules and is responsible for preventing fire risks. It provides information on the behaviors to be adopted in the face of a fire situation (first aid actions, safety instructions.) for local residents (employees, shopkeepers, etc.). The SSIP security team is the main point of contact with the firefighters in the event of a fire.

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