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Do you want to secure a construction site or a building all day long? The job of roundsmen is to carry out patrols on foot or by car. Thus, you can secure squares, apartments and construction sites and intervene in the event of detection of malicious behavior, intrusion attempts or fire risks.

Guardsmen, also known as mobile security guards, monitor and ensure the security of your facility. They patrol by car or on foot and intervene when the alarm sounds. They go to the scene after being contacted by a remote monitoring platform and proceed to clear up doubts. In case of intrusion or theft, they first report to their manager, warn him and wait for the arrival of the police. At the same time, they are responsible for informing the client to make the necessary decisions.

Security guards walking on the street with detection dogs

The roundsmen's missions

During remote security missions, mobile security personnel will eliminate suspicions and threats, which are called the removal of doubt. This makes it possible to verify the origin and the accuracy of the triggering of a signal such as the triggering of a fire alarm, the triggering of an alarm when an intruder is detected… When an alarm is triggered, the removal of doubt is a mandatory step.
The monitoring circuits provided by Immoveille are fully customized to meet your needs. Roundsmen can intervene at fixed or variable times and carry out daily or weekly, night or day patrols in one or more places. Why call on Immoveille?

Why call on Immoveille?

You can call on our services if you have the following needs:

  • You are in a situation that requires prevention. Our roundsmen will inform the services or relevant stakeholders if a danger is proven
  • You are in a situation that requires intervention. Our security officers will take the appropriate security measures
  • You need to secure a site. Our teams of security guards will be able to ensure the protection of the site
  • Following a mission that you have entrusted to us, we will write a mission report which will take up all the events

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