Close Protection Officer

A complete caretaking service, surveillance and protection of property and people

Close Protection Officer

If your safety and that of your loved ones is one of your concerns, you can call on an expert and trust Immoveille, one of the best security agencies. Our commitment is global and we implement all necessary means to satisfy our customers and ensure their safety. Today, our professionalism is recognized in the world of security to protect very sensitive VVIP customers (celebrities, senior officials, actors, business leaders, etc.).

The use of a close protection officer is above all a question of prevention. Indeed, it is necessary to anticipate the danger to ward it off. Just the presence of a bodyguard by your side can deter criminals from attacking you.

The missions of the close protection agent

The close protection officer’s mission is to protect your life. He may be required to monitor you at home or accompany you wherever you go. Sometimes he acts as a security driver if his contract mentions driving the cars. In addition, the bodyguard anticipates any incident that could endanger the person to be protected. He is also required to prepare your trips in advance.
Peoples' security

Our personal security guards, professional, diplomatic, careful, polite, educated, loyal and honest, are perfect for your lifestyle. With Immoveille, you can take advantage of your knowledge of the terrain, local habits and customs and focus entirely on your family, friends or professional activities.

To deal with all situations, the private protection agent imagines attack scenarios and trains daily. All his interventions are carried out according to protocols in accordance with the law. Finally, the bodyguard must show composure. He is thus able to react calmly in the event of an incident.

  • identify emergency exits,
  • monitor blind spots,
  • investigate your contacts,
  • rent a car for D-Day, etc

Why call on Immoveille?

Our close protection agents are very experienced in the field of private protection. In any case, they are regularly trained and equipped with the latest technologies and techniques. All are highly trained to ensure your safety. The Confidentiality Charter put in place by Immoveille is fully respected by the company and its employees. We are not affiliated with any media agency. Our impeccable integrity ensures the protection of our highly sensitive or media-exposed clients.

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