Intervention on alarm

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Intervention on alarm

In the event of an alarm received from a remotely monitored site or from a monitoring station, an alarm intervention may be necessary to determine the cause of the trip on site. This procedure is called “removal of doubts” with regard to domestic alarms, office alarms or technical alarms in the event of fires or floods.

Immoveille provides teams of professional security guards who have received appropriate training and obtained their professional card. The teams are in permanent contact with remote monitoring stations and may be called upon to intervene. After arriving at the scene and carrying out a reconnaissance, the security guards accompanied by dog ​​handlers will take the necessary precautions adapted to each situation. Our security officers are in place in geographical areas defined according to our customers and their needs to be as close as possible to the intervention areas.

The missions of the alarm intervention agent

The missions are multiple: prevention of malicious activities, provision of evidence, control of traffic flows, control of access to specific areas, fight against terrorism, warning, call to the police and firefighters.

We provide you with our intervention service which can intervene and remove doubts when an alarm is triggered. In such a situation and following the remote identification of the triggering of an alarm, the security manager receives an alarm trigger signal on the monitoring panel. The intervention is then carried out as soon as possible, following the instructions given beforehand with the client. The mobile team then checks on site if a house, apartment or business has been the victim of an attempted break-in. If there is evidence of malicious activity, the security team has a security protocol in place that ensures the protection of property and people.

The security agents do not replace the police or the gendarmerie that are in all cases called in the event of a robbery or any other attempt. If the alarm is triggered for a technical problem, the security guard will follow the instructions provided and will not leave the establishment until the situation is resolved. Each alarm intervention gives rise to the writing of a report.

Why call on Immoveille?

When setting up field agents with video surveillance solutions, they may have to check different video recordings or images. The cameras installed in the public or private space thus constitute the video surveillance system and make it possible to monitor any site remotely. Images captured by surveillance cameras can be displayed and/or recorded. Our security agents called during security missions are above all for prevention, vigilance and deterrence. To report to you after the intervention, the Immoveille Agent sends you an intervention report summarizing the events and the actions taken.

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