Security gate

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Security gate

Immoveille provides electronic merchandise protection solutions aimed in particular at protecting in-store products against theft and stock discrepancies.

Thanks to product locks, you can move the merchandise within your sales area. As with VSEs and SMEs, you can avoid using security guards and avoid the expense. When an item still tagged crosses the portal’s field, a sound and light alert sounds to warn sellers of an attempted theft.

Product protection systems are an effective solution and today more than essential to fight against theft which causes almost 60% of losses in stores. Our anti-theft systems thus allow companies to manage their business over the long term. Security gates, installed at the checkout or store exit, limit stock discrepancies detected during end-of-year inventories and known as shrinkage.

The different anti-theft systems:

Anti-theft portal Radio Frequency or RF portal

Waves are emitted between the gates and the antennas. The two gates or antennas detect a label or tag that passes between and the wave is modified so that sound and light alarms are triggered.

Magneto Acoustic anti-theft gate

A magnetic field is emitted through an antenna and tags compatible with this technique trigger sound and light alarms. These electromagnetic tags cause vibrations when they pass through the field of the antennas.

Protection against theft

Employees are, thanks to the implementation of an electronic product monitoring solution, freed from monitoring missions by allowing them to focus on their activities. Shop locks can also be equipped with additional security modules (foil-lined bag detectors and frequency jammers, etc.).

We also install other anti-theft systems:

  • Anti-theft labels
  • Anti-theft badge
  • ink nail
  • sonic nail
    Anti-theft cable
  • Anti-theft bottle
  • Anti-theft glasses

Immoveille installs your anti-theft system

Our sales engineers and our design office offer you, after studying your problems, tailor-made solutions to protect you from theft. We address all types of commercial activity and sales area (pharmacies, clothing store, and food stores) and we can use all our know-how and techniques to offer you the best system. We take care of the installation and technical maintenance of all the technologies installed by us. You will be able to manage all anti-theft installations remotely and very quickly thanks to mobile phone applications which can also alert security agents in real time as soon as an anti-theft gate has detected a movement or anti-theft device on a product. These applications also provide statistics and other detailed information such as the number of movements and the attendance rate.

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