Substitute caretaker

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Substitute caretaker

Immoveille provides agents holding a building caretaker diploma who can quickly replace any caretaker in Paris and the Paris region for various reasons such as sick leave, vacation leave, etc. Its mission is to continue to provide optimal service to the occupants of the buildings and to always meet their specific needs and well-being.
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The missions of the replacement building caretaker

The role of the concierge or building caretaker is to ensure the reception, security and maintenance of the building, in compliance with the internal regulations. He is also responsible for the various day-to-day operations within the building. Its main role is to welcome visitors and guide them in their travels. He also monitors the building and secures the property and the inhabitants. He manages the day-to-day tasks related to the proper functioning of the building and the services provided to the people who occupy it: reception and distribution of mail, cleaning of common areas, and technical maintenance of equipment.

Why call on Immoveille? ?

It is prohibited, since the amendment of June 17, 2013, for caretakers to be replaced without calling on a trained and declared replacement. They must also comply with the obligations imposed by the Labor Code with regard to the duration of the rest period. As an external company, we can legally help you replace your building caretaker on an ad hoc and rapid basis in the event of absence, departure on vacation or for any other reason such as an emergency. Immoveille thus offers to make you available to building superintendents in Paris and Ile-de-France to meet specific and urgent needs. Our building caretakers are experienced, autonomous and respectful of procedures and regulations. We can also offer you security guards who have received training in fire protection. Public establishments (ERP) or high-rise buildings (IGH) can be included in our guarding systems by its SSIAP agents (Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Service).

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