Specialized agent for sensitive city

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Specialized agent for sensitive city

Immoveille has more than 25 years of experience in the field of security, providing solutions for the security and protection of people’s property in homes and residential areas and sensitive neighborhoods. To this end, we propose the establishment in sensitive areas of teams of security guards who have received training adapted to this type of intervention.

Our security officers are trained to specialize in the fight against incivility, aggressiveness, delinquency and all kinds of trafficking. The training courses are thus designed to deal with issues related to housing and sensitive areas experienced by private owners and owners of public buildings and who call on our services. The forces of supply are also sometimes called upon to request our services, which we put in place in sensitive cities to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Our agents are recruited according to selection criteria based on rigor, courage, self-control and maturity.

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The missions of the specialist agent for sensitive cities

Our team of security guards is accompanied by qualified dog handlers who have received appropriate training to intervene effectively and safely in sensitive environments.
In order to ensure optimal control of the situation, our security guards and dog handlers are regularly trained in the field in contact with the inhabitants of sensitive areas, customers and the police to whom our security guards sometimes have to make mission reports.

Why call on a specialized agent for sensitive areas?

The teams of security guards travel safely and in triangular formation, that is to say in groups of 3-6 or 9 people. Each agent has his own mission, delimited according to his perimeter. This involves observation, dialogue, emergency interventions and securing people. The team will create a full report sent to team managers, customers and law enforcement if requested in the case of investigations and legal proceedings. This will also make it possible to analyse the potential risks on the operations.

Immoveille can intervene with a team of security guards in sensitive areas for multiple reasons:

  • stopping drug trafficking on the ground floor of the building,
  • remove the danger created by the presence of malicious people in buildings,
  • supervise the installation of a surveillance camera in a sensitive or at-risk area.

Immoveille will be able to provide you with the best possible support in securing a place and people with our surveillance camera installation service in Paris and the Paris region.

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