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CCTV operator

Security cameras have become an integral part of our daily lives and we can constantly monitor our activities. Video surveillance is an essential device for strengthening the protection of employees, visitors and work equipment on a daily basis.

IP cameras are effective deterrents and can be used to prevent malicious activity, increase employee peace of mind, reduce costs associated with theft and inventory discrepancies, and control movement within premises. In addition, video surveillance cameras can, in the event of a particular event, is used to remove suspicion and claim rights in the event of a lawsuit or insurance claim. This solution is mainly used to monitor the risk perimeter of a company and other areas requiring permanent monitoring.

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The missions of the video surveillance operator

Our CCTV systems can be controlled directly from your smartphone via a strategically located IP camera. Their objective is to ward off the risk of theft through remote monitoring of the interior and exterior of the building. The CCTV camera films 24 hours a day permanently without interruption and will detect any malicious action. The remote monitoring system then alerts the remote operator to send a team of security guards and dog handlers to the site if necessary.

Our surveillance systems equipped with cameras are fully optimized at the alarm level and allow the movements of users, goods and aisles to be viewed. The perimeters surrounding the premises are also secured. Our surveillance camera systems make video recordings aimed at planning interventions. Staff can also be put in safety and disputes will be easily settled. Finally, inventory discrepancies and theft-related losses will be easily reduced or even eliminated.

Immoveille can provide you with solutions to all problems thanks to technical progress. The process is as follows: we first meet the customers, and then our sales engineers and our design office will analyze the risks based on the information provided. We will finally be able to offer the best solution not only in terms of technical tools but also in terms of human resources. We will also take care of the maintenance and technical support of video surveillance solutions.

Why call on Immoveille?

Monitoring from mobile phones
We offer surveillance missions from your mobile phones from which you can manage your video surveillance and control the security of your establishment from any location. For these missions, we use wireless WiFi IP cameras or network cameras that work via the Internet.

Multi-site video surveillance
We offer you our video surveillance technology if you represent a company with several sites. Our teams of surveillance agents are adapted to the needs to take charge of the protection of your site in an optimized way. We set up a centralized supervision system to allow you to monitor your entire infrastructure. All data collected such as videos are stored in a secure server which you can access at any time as soon as possible from your establishment.

Recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or on detection
We can provide you with a CCTV solution that works 24/7 or that triggers when motion is detected for all your CCTV needs without exception.

Doubt removal
When a video surveillance alarm is triggered, a team of security agents is mobilized to intervene quickly on site and to clear up any doubts. This ensures that the alarm trigger is legitimate and not a technical error or an intentional trigger.

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