Site protection agent

Complete service in terms of guarding, surveillance and protection of property and people

Site protection agent

For all your needs for competent and professional security personnel to monitor construction sites in Paris and the Paris region, Immoveille not only ensures the security of construction sites by mobilising a team of security guards, dog handlers and medical teams of emergency, but also offers the installation of surveillance cameras. Immoveille brings its extensive experience to site guarding.

From the start of a construction site, vandalism often has an impact on the company by storing equipment and materials that malicious people sometimes have their sights on. Programming the protection of your site and your assets from the delivery of the first equipment is very important.

Neva Towers construction site

The missions of the Site Protection Officer

Security officers monitor the construction site to minimise the risk of theft or burglary. Immoveille offers site security solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Paris and Ile de France. We offer a tailor-made service perfectly adapted to your needs. Security guards will be able to intervene during their next mission to:
  • Protect abandoned buildings or buildings being demolished
  • Protect construction sites
  • Protection of redevelopment works
Tailor-made service

To effectively meet your site monitoring needs, Immoveille offers various solutions based on the latest technology.

In particular, we install surveillance cameras linked to the presence of dog handlers. We support the installation of surveillance cameras to ensure optimal protection of construction sites. Our experience allows us to identify “risk” areas and protect access to your site. You can also call on our canine officers to carry out regular rounds in order to stop thefts and burglary attempts and, if necessary, intervene to neutralise the threat.

Why call on immoveille?

We ensure the presence of security guards on site for all sites that require 24/7 surveillance. We can provide security guards to stay on site to protect the site at all times of the day. We guarantee:

  • Surveillance of the construction site on foot or by car.
  • The absence of threats.
  • Intervention on observed malicious behavior.

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