Cynophile Agent

A complete caretaking service, surveillance and protection of property and people

Cynophile Agent

Accompanied by his dog, the cynophile security guard is responsible for monitoring and guarding buildings, properties, homes, cities, events and more. His main role, also known as the dog handler, is to discourage and accompany the team when they intervene. The security, safety and protection of property and people are ensured by the couple of dog handlers

The Immoveille dog handler is active throughout the Ile-de-France region. They must have a professional companion card mentioning the identification number of their dog. This is proof that you have been trained as a dog handler since 2010. They are therefore experienced agents who know the field of surveillance and security well. Dog handlers are accompanied by their own dog and have full control over the dog’s behavior and can predict future dangers.

Security worker with police dog walking outdoors at airport

The missions of the canine officer

For the security of your installation or your event, we provide you with dog handlers who play a role in the protection of property and people by using the properties of deterrence and controlled attack that dogs have acquired during training. Dogs are an important support for officers, even in difficult situations.

Within the framework of the mission of night watchman or within the framework of the canine brigade, the canine officers have the following responsibilities:

  • Protection of property and people
  • Identification of threats and suspicious individuals due to their abnormal behavior
  • Deterrence and intervention in the event of explosive noise, verbal violence, rebellion, self-defense in extreme situations of rebellion…

As part of the surveillance of post offices or stores, dog handlers have the following missions:

  • Welcome and information
  • Prevention and deterrence
  • Installation filtering and management
  • Technical follow-up of the installation
  • Follow instructions to complete the tour
  • Search for intruders when an intrusion occurs
  • Written report
  • Warning issued if necessary

Why call on Immoveille?

We are at your service to secure your event. We have the solutions to meet your need for a canine officer to patrol a parking lot or a construction site. We are also present to protect access to your business.

Our canine agents operate throughout the Paris region and Ile-de-France. By adopting a dog handler, you can combine the dog handler’s monitoring ability with the dog’s deterrence and defense.

A couple of dog guards can intervene in security and surveillance according to the following needs:

  • Event
  • Company
  • On the site
  • Car park
  • Magasin
  • Empty premises

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