Security agent

A complete caretaking service, surveillance and protection of property and people

Security agent

Immoveille provides the best solution for security and surveillance issues by providing experienced and trained security guards. Their mission has been to protect property and people for more than 15 years, whatever the security needs.

Our security and prevention officers intervene to meet all occasional or regular surveillance needs in the Paris region, addressing both companies and individuals. All agents are required to hold a Professional Security Officer card issued by the services of the National Council for Private Security Activities (CNAPS). We thus guarantee, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, security teams for maximum security of premises, property or people.

The duties of the security officer

The prevention and security officer or “APS” ensures the security of permanent, exceptional, intermittent goods, immovable or not, and the security of people directly or indirectly related to the security of these products. Our security officers are involved in surveillance, security, and prevention and access control missions.
Property Security
Peoples' security
Our security guards, also known as security guards, are versatile, polite and patient. They are used to being regularly under pressure from customers, employees and more. Consequently, the selection criteria for our teams are systematically based not only on their technical skills, but also on their ability to calmly master complicated situations.

Why call on Immoveille?

Following the traffic of October 2, 2018, the entire security team is also trained in first aid. With more than 15 years of experience in surveillance and security, we can meet the security needs of private, public or parapublic companies, businesses, shopping centers, events and construction sites. Our security officers take photographs during their missions to provide evidence to customers of the smooth running of the interventions. Our clients can thus receive professional mission reports produced with reporting tools.

We provide you with agents adapted to your needs: security guard for the night, security guard for events, security guard for companies, security guard for stores or shopping centers, security guard for house… missions of our security guards are numerous:

  • Security and site monitoring
  • Verification of building entrances and exits
  • Prevent dangerous behavior
    Verification and control of safety devices
  • Monitoring using rounds
  • Prevention against the danger of fire
  • Visitor Information
  • Support for CRS and Gendarmerie companies
  • Realisation of mission report

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Our teams are fully trained to operate in all types of environments. We will put our know-how, professionalism and expertise at your disposal.